The Retirement Planning Status Quo

The Retirement Planning Status Quo

Does any of this status quo retirement planning conventional wisdom ring a bell?


1. Use mutual funds to diversify your portfolio.

2. Contribute the maximum to your 401(k).

3. Maintain a high credit score and shop around for low interest rates.

4. Purchase term and invest the rest.

5. Invest your money in the stock market to earn a good return.

6. Put off paying your taxes until later.  (The reality that disproves this myth will astound you.)


  • Credit card debt totals roughly $10,700 for the typical American household with at least one card.
  • There have been trillions of dollars lost from 401(k) accounts.
  • 71% of people between the ages of 45 and 64 acknowledge they are concerned about saving enough money for retirement.
  • Up to 34.5 percent of the average American's after-tax income is paid out in interest.
  • In 2010, every three months 250,000 new homes were into foreclosure.

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