Introducing Sheneka Adams in Coordination with Women Financial Power

Introducing Sheneka Adams in Coordination with Women Financial Power

Have you heard the news? Women Financial Power and business owner #ShenekaAdams joined forces. For the very first Women Financial Power - A Future Worth Securing campaign.

Teaming with Women Financial Power, Sheneka is spreading the important message that choosing a safe retirement plan as an entrepreneur is an easy decision. It's secure and protects you against market downturns.

As Sheneka Adams says, “I focus on the future, that’s where my opportunities are,” that’s all it comes down to. What does your future look like? It sounds like a big commitment: ‘Oh my God, I’m starting a retirement plan.’ But it’s easier than most think.


Let’s educate people about the importance of retirement planning, and other benefits so they can make an easy decision to treat themselves like big companies do.  A big business will always protect themselves, their assets and their key employees. As a business owner, it’s time to take the next step towards your future. That’s retirement planning. Financial security means feeling safe, knowing what you will have and when you will have it.


The NY Times noted that 92% of Fortune 1000 companies invest the money deferred by their executives into Corporate Owned Life Insurance. 


Many people are shocked to find that America has two (2) different retirement systems: qualified plans AND nonqualified plans.


Qualified plans are generally what people know about

  • 401k plans for private employers,
  • 403(b) and 457 plans for public employees,
  • Profit Sharing Plans, and Defined Benefit plans (i.e., pension plans).


Pre-tax cont are welcome under any of these plans. So, if a person makes $100,000 a year and invests $10,000 in his company's 401(k), his taxable income for the year is $90,000.

All employees must have access to a qualified plan, which has contribution caps imposed by law.


Non-Qualified Plans Under Section 409A....


Non-qualified Plans are unfamiliar to the majority of individuals. Section 409A of the IRS Code authorizes non-qualified programs.

Only important personnel—executives, professionals, business owners, and other key employees as determined by the company—can receive non-qualified plans under 409A.


The law refers to these employees as 'Top Hat' employees. 


The distinguishing characteristic of Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans is the ability to defer an unlimited amount of income on a pre-tax basis and thereby defer taxes on this income to a date that you determine at the time of the deferral decision.


These Non-Qualified Plans are offered by Women Financial Power 


Our headquarters is in Memphis, Tennessee, and our retirement planners are licensed in most states.

We utilize online seminars to explain and present non-qualified plan tax options to executives, business owners, and other professionals who wish to reduce their personal tax burden, achieve specific retirement goals, or put in place a business succession plan.


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