Life Insurance 

As an independent agent, we partner with highly rated companies that will fit your personal needs. Offering Term & Permanent Insurance: (Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life, Final Expense, Mortgage Protections)




Whole Life

•Least expensive
•Provides coverage for a specific period
•ART (Annual Renewable Term), 5 to 30-year terms
•Term expires, you are no longer insured
•Return of Premium
• Convertible terms
Life Insurance
•Provide coverage for your entire life, (currently through Age 121)
•Some accumulate cash value
•You can access cash through policy loans and withdrawals.
•Paid up policies available

Indexed Universal Life

How To Use Life Insurance In Your Retirement Planning
Investing in the market without taking losses — is it too good to be true? Not according to the University of Michigan’s head coach Jim Harbaugh. In August, University of Michigan helped Harbaugh become the top-paid college football coach in the nation, according to USA Today figures, by creating a deferred compensation package utilizing cash value life insurance called Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL).

Just like in Harbaugh’s case, IULs appeal to many executives and business owners because of the advantages they provide. IULs allow cash value within the policy to grow tax-free over time. IULs are funded with post-tax dollars which allow clients to withdraw money tax-free at any age and provide financial security in the form of a death benefit for the family after the client passes.  

*May 11. 2017 Forbes Finance Council. Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets.   
Permanent Insurance
Universal Life